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By Marlena Hamilton, Reporter

A couple organizations in the community are raising money to build a new playground in Tyler. But, this isn’t your ordinary playground. It will be a play area for kids and have accessible play equipment for kids with disabilities and special needs.

“The fact that children with disabilities have brothers and sisters that don’t have disabilities,  they will be able to all play on this playground together which is a really unique opportunity,” said Parks and Recreation Director Stephanie Rollings.

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The new and improved Southside park will include two playgrounds, an enclosed sports court, a music garden and an updated pavilion. It will also include ramps and turf to make it easier for kids, parents anyone in a wheelchair to get around.

The City of Tyler said it was an aging playground in need of updating. They were approached by the Tyler area Ambuc, which is a non profit organization dedicated to create mobility for those with disabilities. They told the City of Tyler they were really interested in raising funds for a facility that’s an all-inclusive playground. The Ambuc’s partnered up with a company out of Dallas called Child’s Play. They are  anxious to bring a playground like this to the area.

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